Queen Rania Foundation


“Edraak” is the first massive open online platform (MOOC) in the Arab world, providing a wide range of free courses across multiple disciplines to all Arabic-speaking internet users.

The platform features two main models of learning: the first promotes lifelong learning through courses covering higher education and professional development; while the second supports K-12 learning by offering open educational resources for school-aged learners and teachers.

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Background & Objectives

Since its launch by the Queen Rania Foundation in 2014, “Edraak” has worked closely with experts and academics from all over the world to develop its online courses. In addition to original educational content provided by the platform, a number of international courses have also been translated into Arabic and made available to its learners.

“Edraak” operates in partnership with Edx, a world-renowned MOOC provider created by Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This partnership has served to enrich the educational content on “Edraak”, by giving Arabic-speaking learners access to courses taught and developed by top-tier learning institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, the University of California, Berkley, and Colombia University.

To increases educational Arabic content online, “Edraak” also supports and encourages experts in a variety of fields from the Arab world by developing and featuring their courses on the platform.

Edraak’s K-12 platform offers high quality open educational resources (OERs) in Arabic targeting K-12 students and their educators across the Middle East and North Africa region.

The platform enables learners to access sequential learning material, as well as student-centered inquiry based learning that allows them to search for concepts without having to enroll in a predefined learning sequence. Recognizing the importance of teachers in the learning process, the platform also provides key resources for use in the classroom and will eventually align with national curricula.

Starting with the mathematics curriculum for all grades - made possible by the generous grant from Google.org, the platform will expand to include other core subjects by 2020. To ensure equitable access to its offerings, the platform will eventually include offline functionality and support.


8.5 million learners signed up for "Edraak's" continuous learning courses in the region, with over 3 million certificates issued.


“Edraak has given my ambition and eagerness to learn a great push. Because of its Arabic courses, I was able to develop my personal and professional skills. I also gained knowledge in fields that I previously was unable to comprehend because of the language barrier. Thank you Edraak.”


Ahmed Zaki Mohammed - Egypt

“Edraak has put me on the path towards achieving my goals. Before Edraak, the idea I had in my head was just a dream, but with perseverance, hard work and a lot of learning through Edraak, this idea became a beautiful reality that fills me with hope. Edraak has given me new opportunities and it has enriched my knowledge about topics that are essential for my work.”


Maysoun Khreisat - Jordan

“Despite the geographical distances and the cultural difference, I managed to enroll and benefit from a number of Edraak’s courses. I thank you for your efforts towards making information available to everyone, wherever they are in the world.”


Abdulnasser - Somalia