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The Children’s Museum Jordan

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Background & Objectives

The Children’s Museum Jordan is spread over an area of 8,500 sq. meters, and includes a huge Exhibit Hall with over 185 interactive and enjoyable exhibits as well as an outdoor space, a library, an art studio, a tinker lab and a secret garden. The Museum offers year-round programs and activities to children aged 1-12 years, and their families, as well as, events, shows and camps.

It is a place for inquiry-based learning where children can play, explore and learn freely, to come up with their own concussions and theories. It also focuses on Early Childhood Development by offering dedicated activities for toddlers between 1- 5 years old, and “Once Upon a Shape exhibit”; an area that was designed to fulfill their cognitive needs and develop their skills

In order to make the Museum’s experience accessible for those who are unable to make the trip to the Museum in the Capital Governorate, the Mobile Children’s Museum was designed to tour various governorates around the country and bring the Museum’s educational experience to as many children as possible. It provides a number of discovery stations and interactive activities that resemble those offered by the Museum in Amman, aiming to stimulate children’s curiosity and love of knowledge.


Since its opening, the Museum has served more than 2.7 million visitors inside Amman and in Jordanian Governorates.


“Today, I visited the Mobile Museum with my classmates, and we enjoyed many things. The most fascinating was the ‘Energy around Us’ station, where we learned about electricity and ways to rationlise it. I like this subject because I dream about becoming an electrical engineer when I grow up.”


- Nour,  12 years old.