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The Association of Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education

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Background & Objectives

The Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education is an association that was founded by Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania Al Abdullah with the aim of setting a national standard of excellence in teaching as well as celebrating the educators who work tirelessly to meet it. The association manages several awards for excellence including the “Distinguished Teacher Award”, the “Outstanding Principal Award” and the “Distinguished School Counselor Award”. Educators are honored during an annual ceremony held under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.

In an effort to promote a culture of excellence in education, the association provides professional development opportunities for the awards’ candidates, ensures that excellence standards are included in the training materials for new teachers and practical education students and encourages the recognition of outstanding efforts undertaken by educators and their role in paving the way for a better future.

The association has contributed to enriching know-how over the past years by developing new standards of excellence in education, building new tools for evaluating and measuring those standards and publishing periodic reports that help improve the work of those in the education sector.


    Since its founding, the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education has honored 373 teachers, provided 1,200 professional development opportunities and 170 scholarships at various universities across Jordan.


    “My experience with Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for the Distinguished Teacher, has helped me feel happier in my life and increased my sense of achievement. Being recognized as a distinguished educator strengthened my self-confidence. I am eager to take on a role as an ambassador helping spread the culture of excellence among fellow educators in my beloved country.”


    - Amal Al Sofi, 3rd place winner of the “Distinguished Teacher Award”, Al Qwaismeh District