Queen Rania Foundation

Feedback in Teaching and Learning

The webinar focused on the Teaching and Learning Toolkit’s Feedback tool. A very high-impact tool that, when integrated into the teaching and learning process, may result in improved learner outcomes.

The webinar provides information on how Feedback can be employed effectively in teaching and learning and answers the following questions:

  1. What is the Teaching and Learning Toolkit? What is its purpose?
  2. What is Feedback and what are its forms?
  3. What does global and Arab research say about Feedback's impact, cost and evidence strength?
  4. What are the research findings?
  5. What recommendations should be implemented to ensure the effectiveness of Feedback as a tool?

The webinar also introduced the guide the Queen Rania Foundation will make available on its website this year. It will include a set of recommendations, tools and practical examples that support the effective use of Feedback in the educational process.

Teaching and Learning Toolkit

The Teaching and Learning Toolkit is your go-to guide for making informed decisions about teaching and learning in the Arab World! Developed in collaboration with the Education Endowment Foundation, Zayed University, and Queen Rania Teacher Academy, this accessible summary of international, local, and regional evidence is designed to help busy policymakers, teachers, and school leaders take advantage of the best available evidence. Get the most out of your educational experience with the Teaching and Learning Toolkit - available now on: https://www.qrf.org/en/toolkit