Queen Rania Foundation

Letter from Her Majesty Queen Rania

queen rania in a classroom

The way in which education, at all levels, in Jordan has evolved in the last 40 years is something of which we can be proud. Today, Jordan has more children than ever before learning in primary and secondary school. That includes as many girls and boys. Access to kindergartens has improved and, at the other end of the education spectrum, we’ve seen huge increases in university enrolment – from 2% in 1970 to 40% today. The majority of these students are girls.

Encouraging news for sure. But we must do better.

We must do better for all our children. Every girl and every boy at every age. It’s their right and our responsibility.

The Queen Rania Foundation (QRF) seeks to address some of these challenges.

Our vision is quality education for all, from kindergarten onwards, taught by dynamic and well-trained teachers who excite students and instill in them not only a love of learning today but life-long curiosity. We want to see a generation able to harness technological tools and compete with their peers wherever they are in the world. We want this for every child in Jordan and we also want it for Jordan, so that we can strengthen the foundations of inclusivity and prosperity for all.

We’re off to a great start! QRF is a hub for new learning ideas. One of the most transformative is Edraak. Launched in May 2014, this pan-Arab initiative makes available Arabic online learning courses. It’s the first non-profit platform of its kind in the Arab world and the feedback from young people is that they want more! We’re running to keep up with them!

Buoyed by this success and driven by the conviction that our children deserve the best, QRF is working with partners in Jordan and beyond to help revitalize our education system. 

So, please surf our website and share your good ideas. With your support, we’ll give every Arab girl and boy a strong foundation and a future full of opportunity.