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Knowing-Doing Network Leadership Coalition

A global network of civil society organizations working toward a deeper understanding of education systems transformation, with the aim of improving holistic learning for children and young people around the world.

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Today’s youth confront a host of formidable challenges, including the climate crisis, conflicts, authoritarianism, and the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, all amplified by persistent historical injustices such as gender-based violence, economic inequality, and racism. Current global education systems inadequately equip them to address these issues, especially those in marginalized communities. Amid the pandemic, progress in skill development has stagnated, with a limited focus on the essential competencies young people require.

Now, more than ever, children and youth need education systems that foster their reengagement, socio-emotional well-being, and the cultivation of critical-thinking, creative, and collaborative skills. To transform these systems, education leaders must collaborate on both local and global levels.

Recognizing the importance of this collaborative endeavor, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings is convening a global movement network that connects education stakeholders, fosters research, cross-context connections, and communication strategies for systemic change. Guiding this network is the Knowing-Doing Network Leadership Coalition (KDNLC), an impact network comprising 10 selected organizations and the Center for Universal Education. The KDNLC will unify this network, advance shared agendas, deepen connections, and coordinate efforts to transform education systems both locally and globally, ensuring all children and youth are prepared to lead in an evolving world.

The primary objectives of this network collaboration include:

  • Establishing shared understandings of how impact networks can address critical social issues in the education sector. 
  • Creating opportunities to enhance the work of systems transformation in local education jurisdictions. 
  • Amplifying the work and voices of civil society organizations working in their local contexts. 
  • Enhancing the capacity for equitable and participatory evidence generation and utilization. 
  • Providing a globally recognized platform for locally driven learning and action on education systems transformation for holistic learning and thus advancing the efforts of partners, especially in the Global South. 
  • Connecting organizations working on different aspects of systems transformation with each other and with the broader global ecosystem.


Creative Center for Community Mobilisation (Malawi)

Dignitas Project (Kenya)

Dream A Dream (India)

Enseña Perú (Peru)

Fundación Reimagina (Chile)

Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (Ghana)

Queen Rania Foundation (Jordan)

SmartStart (South Africa)

Society for Access to Quality Education (Pakistan)

Vía Educación (Mexico)

Center for Universal Education at Brookings (United States)