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Karim & Jana Our World

Developing socio-emotional skills in early childhood.

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Capitalizing on the success of Karim and Jana (Numbers) and the foundation’s expertise on early childhood education, we've developed a second application to be added to the Karim and Jana series.

This socio-emotional learning application will develop the skills of children between the ages of 3-6 years, focusing on three learning areas including children’s personal, social and emotional development, their physical development and their ability to understand the world around them. The application enables siblings to create customized avatars, allowing them to progress in the sessions at their own pace.

On the personal, social and emotional development front, children will learn how to get along with others, create friendships, identify and verbalize feelings, learn the concepts of right and wrong, and develop independence. When it comes to physical development, the application will focus on health and self-care; children will learn the importance of physical exercise and a healthy diet and how to manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs. As for understanding the world around them, children will learn how to make sense of the physical world through opportunities to explore people, places, technology, and the environment.