Queen Rania Teacher Academy

The Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) is a non-governmental organization established in 2009 that is affiliated with the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development (QRF).

QRTA raises the quality of teaching in Jordan by developing the skills of teachers through continuous training and professional development. QRTA draws on the expertise of their educational partners, Columbia University Teachers College and Columbia University Middle East Research Centre, to raise the quality of teaching in Jordan.

What the Queen Rania Teacher Academy does

Teachers in Jordan are under-resourced, under-supported and disconnected from one another. Most of the student’s learning experience at schools consists of rote learning and students are under-performing in international test assessments in math, science and literacy. QRTA exists to support teachers through professional development and connecting them to one another. The 2013-14 UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report identified QRTA as one of the key organizations that can reach teachers and provide them with training to improve the quality of teaching, and in turn, student learning outcomes.

Beneficiaries and partners

Most of QRTA’s programs are aimed predominantly at public school teachers from the Ministry of Education (MoE). However, some short workshops are for teachers, principals and administrators from private schools around Jordan and schools across the region.

QRTA draws on the expertise of their educational partners, Columbia University Teachers College and the Columbia University Middle East Research Center, to develop programs to raise the quality of teaching in Jordan.


Long-term programs

Subject-specific training courses (School Networks): QRTA’s flagship program comprises of five teacher networks in specific subject areas: Arabic, Mathematics, English, Science and Leadership for school principals and supervisors. This professional training is carried out over a three year period; each year, educators take part in three intensive development workshops lasting from three to four days each. Training is hands-on, with role-playing and collaborative problem solving as core activities, mirroring the learning experiences teachers should be offering their students. In addition, educators participate in onsite visits and monthly meetings.

Environmental education: QRTA runs a program which trains teachers to introduce and practice environmentally friendly behaviors and values in the classroom, with a particularly focus on three areas: energy, water and waste.

Pre-service teacher training program and certificate: QRTA is working with the MoE to improve pre-service training in Jordan. The aim is to ensure that teachers have the basic skills and confidence to manage the classroom so that after a year of coaching they can meet Jordan’s National Teacher Professional Standards. The pre-service program has been designed and tested with the MoE and is now in the approval phase.

Policy deliberation and research: QRTA creates communities of practice through networks of teachers across Jordan. These networks advance policy deliberation and research by setting up policy roundtables to discuss and debate various educational reforms.

Short-term programs

Outreach and development: QRTA provides 3 to 7 day professional training courses as well as seminars.

Teach Like a Champion: Based on the bestselling book by Doug Lemov, which QRTA  translated into Arabic, this training program covers forty-nine modules on the fundamentals of high quality teaching and fostering a nurturing culture in the classroom.

International Baccalaureate (IB) workshops: QRTA provides an IB stream professional development course for coordinators, teachers and administrators. There are two workshops a year delivered by IB approved workshop leaders. QRTA is the only provider of IB workshops in both Arabic and English in Jordan.

Impact and achievements

QRTA has reached a total of 19,631 teachers between 2009 and 2014, developing their skills in teaching pedagogy. In the same period, QRTA also reached 2,723 teachers specifically through their five teacher networks. Although QRTA works primarily with public school teachers, the organization also designs and delivers professional development courses for private schools, such as the biannual IB Professional Development workshops. QRTA conducted 81 IB workshops between 2010 and2014, with 29 workshops in 2014 alone.

It's with no doubt that without your guidance and support we wouldn’t have developed the skills of our students in writing.”

          -Khaled Al-Zaatreh, Muath Bin Jabal School (Memberof QRTA English Writing Network)