Education Technology and Online Learning

The ICT sector in Jordan has witnessed rapid advances both in terms of penetration and the diversity of IT services. Eighty five percent of public schools are connected to the internet and 100,000 computers have been provided to public schools under the Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy (ERfKE) in recent years. The challenge is to build on these successes, ensure technology is maintained and educators are empowered to use technology to maximize student learning.

Technology is an inherent part of life in the 21st century and a powerful tool that can enhance learning outcomes and increase opportunities for learning. Technology in education consists of both technology education—developing technological skills—and education technology—using technological tools to enhance student learning across subjects, reduce bureaucratic work, or otherwise support educators and students.

QRF is interested in exploring ways that technology can transform learning in school settings and beyond. As well as the use of digital technology to address educational equity, support teaching and teacher development, and in pre-school and early learning environments is particularly of interest. Furthermore, with the launch of Edraak, a Massive Open Online Course platform, QRF is keen to explore online and blended learning approaches.