Sulafa’s Personalized Education Experience

Sulafa is in the 7th grade and suffers from a hearing impairment. For years she felt isolated, finding it difficult to understand subjects, especially her favorite, Arabic. Her teachers were also frustrated lacking the means and skills to help her. When JEI arrived, we offered our ‘Personalized Education’ program, where each student receives a laptop with 3G connectivity. Sulafa now loves school and no longer feels alone as she excels in class with help from her laptop. Her teachers are happier, too. They have access to educational software and e-resources that help them teach Sulafa better. With the arrival of this small piece of technology, Sulafa’s life and prospects have improved enormously.

“My daughter’s pronunciation and academic achievement have improved [since she received her netbook and 3G dongle]. Now my daughter has started depending on herself in learning and in searching for information.” said Sulafa’s Mother.