Math is No More a Challenge - Jordan Education Initiative

Samer said math has always been his most despised class. Math teachers are always trying to excite students about a subject that some kids find dry and difficult. Math is a challenge for many high school students, and maintaining the attention span of at least an hour for 50 male students is a challenge for math teachers too. However, when we spark curiosity and competitiveness in students by engaging them in hands-on activities in the classroom, math will be more logical to them and no longer a threat. JEI along with its partner Texas Instruments (TI), made Samer and his colleagues’ lives easier by providing them with the tool which transformed the way they explore different mathematical concepts, fired their imagination and increased their understanding, engagement and enjoyment of Math through a scientific and analytical approach.

“TI is about learning by doing, because when you do things yourself, it is hard to forget them. I enjoy TI and Math now feels like a game” Quoting Samer.

As for Mahmoud Darweesh, a Math teacher at Firas Ajlouni School, he added that “Texas Instruments, which is a suite of ICT based learning tools, had its exceptional impact and special touch on engaging students in Math classes”. “It expanded the abundance of short-term thinking to sufficient long-term investment through real life examples; acting Authentic Learning Approach.”

Darweesh continued: “I’ve attended T3 Hero Conference in Dublin, which has motivated me to adopt various learning techniques by implementing additional ICT tools in my classes and enhance 21st Century skills through collaborative learning, ICT integration and leadership”. Darweesh added: “It is not enough for the students to understand math concepts and excel in its calculations; students learning should extend to share their knowledge with less achieved peers through in-group work, where each working group’s marks are subject to the performance of the least achieving student within the same group”.