Improving diabetic patients lives - Royal Health Awareness Society

Improving diabetic patients’ lives:

55 year old, diabetic patient Hassan Al Tala’a, joined the Global Micro Clinic project in Khrebet il Soig Health Center with glycosylated hemoglobin levels (HbA1c) exceeding 198. After joining the project, Hassan said that he managed to reach normal HbA1c levels, and also managed to lose 37 KG in 7 months following a healthy diet and physical fitness plan which were provided to him through the project, consequently leading his doctor to stop his diabetes medications.

Another diabetic patient, 42 year old Nedal Abu Gharbyeh was going to Bayader Wadi il Sair's health center with his wife and her sister, and attended a training which included taking weight, height and fasting blood glucose levels for each participant; he then learned that he was diabetic, with high glycosylated hemoglobin levels (HbA1c), reaching 323; shortly after, he joined the project and managed to decrease his (HbA1c) level to 112.

Amal Irefij, GMCP Project Manager, said that the project seeks to raise awareness on diabetes and train participants to change their unhealthy behaviors and that of their friends, family and community.  Irefij added that the project is currently implemented in several centers such as Khraibet il Soug Health Centre, Naour Health Center, Wadi il Sair Health Center, and Abu Nsair Health Centre.

Irefij stated that GMCP reached 13% of Jordan’s comprehensive health centers covering 50% of Amman’s centers. Moreover, the project was implemented in Ain Al-Basha, one of several poverty pocket areas within Jordan as indicated by the MoP, whereby 25% of the patients reached normal levels of HbA1c, 70 % of patients were able to lose weight, and 65 % improvement in HbA1c levels within patients.

The Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) has launched GMCP back in 2008 in cooperation with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and The Micro Clinic International (MCI) to be a national health diabetes project that aims to empower people to prevent and manage diabetes. The project works through the establishment of micro-clinics. Each micro- clinic consists of 2-5 members forming a “Support Group”. This encourages patients to persuade each other to exercise, adopt diet plans and monitor glucose levels regularly.

The project was able to reach out to a majority of patients to help them maintain a healthy diet, and increased their physical activity levels as many reported taking daily walks; in return, patients were able to raise awareness on diabetes with their neighbors, families and friends.

So far 853 Micro-Clinics have empowered more than 2200 participants, and were established in five health centers: Al Naser, Ain Al Basha, Al Hashemi, Abu Nuseir and Amman Al Shamel, and its currently being implemented in three health centers in Naour, Bayader Wadi Al Seer and Khreibet Al Souq.