I’ll be the owner of the most famous restaurants in Jordan - Jordan River Foundation

Abdallah Hijjawi is an ambitious 18-year-old young man who faced challenges during his time at secondary school that prevented him from completing his last year successfully; but he never gave up in the pursuit of success and self-satisfaction. “I strongly want to serve my community, and be a very productive person”. “I love to see myself in this place” he says.

Abdallah participated in all the Hospitality Industry technical trainings within the Youth Career Initiative Program implemented by the Jordan River Foundation. Abdallah was highly committed and he capable of seizing opportunities with his unique personality. He immediately considered the field of hospitality as a gateway to becoming a highly skilled chef; especially since he possessed this hidden talent and passion. Abdallah was one of the few youth selected by the Kempinski Hotel-Aqaba as an Intern for seven months. He worked for four months in the Food & Beverage Department and three months in the Kitchen. He gained experience in cooking and developed his communication skills. Many thank you letters were received by the Hotel regarding his excellent performance. His qualifications led him to full time employment at the Fine Dining Restaurant at the Kempenski Hotel.

Abdallah describes himself: “Today I’m a Successful Person who is able to draw my life’s path and set my goals. I am still highly motivated to provide more, besides, I am seeking to complete my studies at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, and move around different countries for gaining new skills. Tomorrow, I’ll be a Man that will own one of the most famous restaurants in Jordan”.